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Friday, 28 May 2010

Latest stuff

I've finished piece of jewellery that I posted about a few days ago. It's a new take on the pendants on torques. I've been working on this piece as a rest from the coffee lace piece which I'm a bit stuck on. I did have a minor inspiration last night, I'll try it tonight and let you know if it's a real breakthrough or a really rubbish idea!
Here's the new piece I'll probably post it on Dreamaid later:

This is the closeup view, the torque is about 16" round and fastens with a hook at each end which link into each other.

In my last post I mentioned my young friends getting married, I have the bride's permission to post this image in which you can see my tiara. When she returns it I'll post a closer view.

You can just make it out it's made with lots of different white and crystal beads, mostly vintage, with 1 blue one, 'cos you know "Something old etc......."
Beautiful dress isn't it and what a perfect day and location, high on the cliffs overlooking Watermouth Bay and Combe Martin. I think I got the name of the headlands wrong in my last post sorry, It's probably Lester point and Hangman point.

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