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Sunday 21 October 2012

More beading and an amazing artwork

It's about time I posted something new here, I haven't got much further with the willow pattern piece, I'm actually going through a really awful time at the moment and the effort required to work on my jewellery seems to be beyond me most of the time. In fact I'm going to put this piece aside for a bit and make some simple smaller pieces for a little craft fair at the library where I work in November.
anyway here's where it's got to at the moment.

Willow pattern piece a little further on
I've deliberately photographed it on the beading mat to show the messy chaos that is my workspace. All the pieces are securely held in place with the beaded mounts now, I may give the largest piece one more row, I'm not sure.
I've already started the background around the tiny teardrop shaped piece at the top, it's ok but I'll probably stick to mostly white for the rest of the background, with a few little bits of blue here and there.

On another subject entirely, I was feeling particularly miserable this morning, so to cheer myself up, and get out of the house, as it was a  sunny day I decided to go down and visit Ilfracombe's newest resident. She is a 67 foot high statue called Verity, I expect most people will have seen something about her on the news recently. Damien Hirst has loaned her to the town for 20 years. She stands looking out to sea on the harbour, holding a sword aloft and carrying scales in her other hand.

Here's a couple of shots I took with my little camera today. From landward she is a fairly ordinary pregnant nude, from seaward she is something of an anatomy lesson. I happen to think she is rather wonderful.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

A little further on with the Willow Pattern

Here's a couple of tiny steps forward, two rows of stitching on the largest piece of one of my planned sets using fragments of ceramic.

The two rows of beading consist of a 'lift row' of slightly larger beads, since the ceramic has a square edge and is reasonably thick, this row is necessary to get the beads up to a level where they begin to cover the edge of the piece and create a mount. This technique is really designed for cabochons, when the lift row is not needed. Both these rows are vintage beads, the blue beads come from a beaded collar in white, orange and blue, it was damaged so I felt justified in taking it apart. You can see the beads in the background above. the white beads may have come from a similar collar in all white beads but I have rather a lot of opaque white beads so I'm not certain these are the ones from the collar.

This is the collar, partly taken apart, seems a shame but it was already damaged.

Well that's all I've had time for yet, my life is a little complicated at the moment so I fit beading in where I can. Check back later for further developments

Thursday 9 August 2012

New work inspired by a new purchase

I bought some wonderful blue and white beads from Jean Tillotson on Sunday. We were at a countryman's fair in Werrington near Launceston, I was hanging out at the Shebbear Shooters stall, with friends who are members, and Jean was in the craft tent. I love her work and was very tempted by the beautiful bottle glass beads she makes. Then she showed me these...............

She calls them 'willow pattern' and you can see why. I have a lovely collection of ceramic fragments, many of which are willow pattern, so I was immediately lost and had to buy them.

I've made a start on three pieces which will feature one or more of these gorgeous beads eventually, when I say made a start that's exactly what I mean, the very first stage is done; gluing the pieces to a backing.

The big one was something I planned in bed before falling asleep, I didn't know if I had the right pieces but I think this will look good when it's finished. That's the way I plan I'm afraid, I looked for a notebook but couldn't be bothered to get out of bed to find one, there's one by the bed now! I find that if I plan too much beforehand then things don't quite work, I need to let things develop organically as they go.

Well here they are, if you want to know what happens next check back later, or have a look at an earlier post where I explain the basic process.

I've spent too much time on the computer now so no further work on the jewellery tonight, but I'll post again when there's something else to look at.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Found In Keswick: Here comes CRAFTfest

Found In Keswick: Here comes CRAFTfest

Thursday 7 June 2012

Creative Connections

Craftfest is almost here, a virtual craft fair where a large number of talented craftspeople are displaying their work.

check it out here http://creative-connections.ning.com/page/jewellery-1

I've been a bit naughty because that link takes you to the section I'm in, there are lots of other sections to look at too.

          Noodle Bubble jewellery        Rescue and Revive      Gilly Gray flower girl dresses   

Here are some example of the people taking part in the event which begins on the 9th of June and runs until the 16th, 24 hours a day. Browse whenever it siuts you from the comfort of your arm chair, or deckchair, if the weather where you are is kinder than today!

Support handmade, it's so much nicer than the chain store.

Beautiful things made with love by beautiful people for you.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Recent work

I thought it was time to put something new on here so here are a few pics of some recent pieces I've made.

This one uses an old brooch with lovely crystal stones and a length of vintage lace. The edges have a mixture of vintage and modern beads, including some gorgeous, french cut steel, 1920s ones and then the lace is wound with more beads. The necklace is finished with lengths of brick stitch weaving and fastened with a vintage mother of pearl button.

Gift Wrapped and Georgeous boutique

I'm very proud of this one, it's one of the few pieces that was properly planned, and as a result took much longer to make than usual! Took it apart several times. It mostly consists of brick stitch using modern Japanese beads and including some larger vintage beads. It was all worth it though, as it has been selected to go into a new book called 'Showcase 500 beaded jewellery' (probably spelled jewelry I expect, american book!) which is published in August. Absolutely amazed and excited about that.

Here's another one that took a long while to make, not because of actual making time but because I put it aside for ages because I couldn't decide how to make the necklace part. Finally finished it and I'm quite pleased. I haven't done one of these 'plate' style pieces for a while, lots of small pieces of glass surrounded by bead embroidery, rather than just one piece in a beaded mount. I think I should do more.

Currently working on a 3d piece, it will hopefully be a Little Owl made with beads and lace, taking a while to work out the right technique. I've made his eyes, quite pleased with them, but I can't get beyond the calico base at the moment, I think I've got a good shape now, just have to be brave and start working.

Here are the eyes, it's obviously going to be a long job! I just need to avoid kitsch or naffness, easy really.

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