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Tuesday 14 December 2010

Musing on where to go next.

It's been a while since my last post, I've been busily making jewellery in anticipation of a Christmas sales bonanza, unfortunately the sales have not materialised. Now this is almost certainly my fault, I'm very disorganised when it comes to the essential business side of craft. Like hundreds of other makers I love making but really don't fully understand business, or at least am afraid of it and dislike it.

 This is a stallI had at a fair in Bristol last christmas. Not great sales but some at least.

I've atttended two fairs recently which resulted in zero sales, this has never happened before and it's a blow to the ego as well as the pocket. I can blame the recession to a certain extent but that can't be the only answer. Either I am making the wrong kind of stuff or I'm looking to sell it in the wrong market.
When it comes to the kind of stuff I make, well there's a reasonable variety, I mostly make the sea glass and beaded jewellery but also wire wrap sea glass, make a small amount with silver clay and create pendants from pebbles making hand made silver mounts for them, I also make a little polymer clay jewellery. Of course it may be that none of it appeals to anyone!

This leaves trying to sell in the wrong market. I had several bits of advice at the first fair in Bath, including 'go to London', 'contact Liberty and sell to them'. Many people have told me that my prices were way to low, however when I had low prices I sold a lot...........of course I wasn't getting any money for my time and therefore could only consider it as a hobby. So now I'm in that difficult transition between hobbyist and business. HELP

The second event with no sales was quite depressing, opposite me was a stall selling manufactured goods designed to look 'crafty' and handmade, I don't suppose they had much influence on my lack of sales except to attract a large crowd, which made it difficult for people to get past to my stall. I think the main problem was price. Having followed the advice I've raised my prices although according to Etsy they should be doubled!

One rather unpleasant side effect of the second event was that, having passed on my disappointment at having a company who buy their goods rather than making them at the event; which advertised itself as supporting local made goods, I was told that as it was a local company that was fine, and was then told that my goods were no longer considered suitable for the site that organised the event, a site I was invited to join mind you! 

I've started contacting outlets that seem to be at the slightly higher end of the market, lets hope they are interested. I'm not giving up yet although at the end of Sunday's event I felt like it.

Merry Yule everyone, and here's to a MUCH better 2011.

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