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Tuesday 14 August 2012

A little further on with the Willow Pattern

Here's a couple of tiny steps forward, two rows of stitching on the largest piece of one of my planned sets using fragments of ceramic.

The two rows of beading consist of a 'lift row' of slightly larger beads, since the ceramic has a square edge and is reasonably thick, this row is necessary to get the beads up to a level where they begin to cover the edge of the piece and create a mount. This technique is really designed for cabochons, when the lift row is not needed. Both these rows are vintage beads, the blue beads come from a beaded collar in white, orange and blue, it was damaged so I felt justified in taking it apart. You can see the beads in the background above. the white beads may have come from a similar collar in all white beads but I have rather a lot of opaque white beads so I'm not certain these are the ones from the collar.

This is the collar, partly taken apart, seems a shame but it was already damaged.

Well that's all I've had time for yet, my life is a little complicated at the moment so I fit beading in where I can. Check back later for further developments

Thursday 9 August 2012

New work inspired by a new purchase

I bought some wonderful blue and white beads from Jean Tillotson on Sunday. We were at a countryman's fair in Werrington near Launceston, I was hanging out at the Shebbear Shooters stall, with friends who are members, and Jean was in the craft tent. I love her work and was very tempted by the beautiful bottle glass beads she makes. Then she showed me these...............

She calls them 'willow pattern' and you can see why. I have a lovely collection of ceramic fragments, many of which are willow pattern, so I was immediately lost and had to buy them.

I've made a start on three pieces which will feature one or more of these gorgeous beads eventually, when I say made a start that's exactly what I mean, the very first stage is done; gluing the pieces to a backing.

The big one was something I planned in bed before falling asleep, I didn't know if I had the right pieces but I think this will look good when it's finished. That's the way I plan I'm afraid, I looked for a notebook but couldn't be bothered to get out of bed to find one, there's one by the bed now! I find that if I plan too much beforehand then things don't quite work, I need to let things develop organically as they go.

Well here they are, if you want to know what happens next check back later, or have a look at an earlier post where I explain the basic process.

I've spent too much time on the computer now so no further work on the jewellery tonight, but I'll post again when there's something else to look at.

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