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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Exciting day in Ilfracombe

For the first time in what seems like ages my other half and I went for a walk on Sunday afternoon, it's either been raining, we've been too busy or something. We went for a blustery stroll on Wilder Beach, I picked up a few bits of glass and Jay found me a lovely lump of willow pattern ceramic I can't wait to start working with. We felt that just mooching around on our tiny beach didn't really constitute a walk so we set off for the harbour.

As we got to the railings overlooking the outside of the harbour I saw something just disappearing under the water, I thought it was a gannet fishing and then it reappeared.......A little curved triangular fin on a smooth grey back a dolphin! We walked out to the end of the harbour wall and scanned the heaving water, there were two at least, all we saw were their backs surfacing occasionally as they came up for air, these were dolphins fishing, not playing unfortunately but still very exciting. We watched for ages and I managed to catch a tiny glimpse on film. You need good eysight to spot the tiny black speck appear and disappear, they really weren't performing for their public that day.

You really have to watch carefully to spot the dolphin's back appearing and disappearing briefly twice at the left hand side.

On the craft front, I've been making some paisley brooches recently, these were the first things I made when I started beading. I needed to find something tomake for a little workshop I've been asked to do. I remembered this design and decided to use it. I'm kind of hooked at the moment.

 These are a few, the big one is completely over the top, but the bead in the middle sort of asked for it really.

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