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Monday 27 May 2013

This my entry in the Creative Connections Monthly Craft Challenge, it's called Waterfall but I was going to call it rain so I hope you won't mind me putting it into the 'weather' challenge.
This one's not actually for sale any where at the moment but I'll probably put it on Wow Thank You soon. Or contact me with an offer?
Hi, been very busy trying my hand at a more practical kind of creative work recently. Discovered that the window frame on my living room window was rotten at the bottom, so I started hacking away at the rotten bits thinking I could fit a new piece of wood in to replace it. Well several days later I had cut the wood back entirely! Luckily a very nice friend was able to let me have a piece if wood that was more or less the right size so yesterday was spent re-puttying the bits that had fallen out as well and cutting a very thick piece of wood to fit. I had a visit while I was working from this little feller:

You can see the raw wood that I cut away, this was 3" thick and mostly rotten except for one section that had a knot in it and took a day to remove! Ever wish you'd never started a job. The big problem now is that it's raining and I didn't get time to paint or seal the new wood. I'll have to go out and tape some plastic over it because I think it's going to rain for several days, typical roasted alive for two days getting it in place and now it rains.

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