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Saturday 27 July 2013

Wedding Jewellery

I've made a few pieces over the last couple of years using vintage lace, for a while some of them were in a local gallery but they didn't sell so I had them back here. When I was looking through the stuff for something for a wedding showcase with UK Handmade I came across them again. I realised that I hadn't taken photos of some of them.
I have taken a series of pictures, including some on a mannequin head I bought recently.

I have a fairly large collection of vintage lace so I plan to make some more, I've also been collecting old and broken jewellery to use as focal points with the lace and beads.

This piece has a floral diamante brooch as it's focal point and is made on a fairly narrow piece of simple lace.

This one has a circular diamante buckle at the centre, and is made on the same simple narrow lace as the previous piece, there are five short strands of beads hanging below the buckle ending in vintage crystal beads, four small flat conical ones and a faceted teardrop, this bead came from a 1960s dress that belonged to my mother.

This piece uses a more fancy piece of lace, the lower edge is scalloped and it is made on a fine mesh, the focal piece is possibly an old brooch, or maybe part of a necklace, it consists of three large white stones in a slightly curved setting, the setting is probably brass.

All the pieces have bead woven ends to finish them and create the fastenings.

They would all make really lovely wedding jewellery, they also look great with a summery T shirt.

Monday 22 July 2013

Hello, folks I've just had a piece put in the Uk Handmade Wedding Showcase

Have a look if you are getting married, or thinking about it, lots of lovely things.
This is mine:

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