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Wednesday 28 April 2010

Finally, the finished Moon

I've had a poorly computer for about 3 weeks or so, had to have a replacement hard drive! I've spent hours making it as it was, I expect I'll find lots of other things I've forgotten to put back.
Here, at last, is the finished Moon piece. Having no computer all this time has given me plenty of time to create, and to unpick that troublesome right side again!
at the moment I seem to be unable to post images, I've got a question in the help forum to try to fix the problem  so in the meantime here's a link to one of my shops, where I'm about to post it for sale.

Figured out how to upload pics!

Monday 26 April 2010

Back Online

Hooray, finally got my laptop back. I'll probably find all sorts of stuff that needs re-installing but for now it's working.

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