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Sunday 18 March 2012

Recent work

I thought it was time to put something new on here so here are a few pics of some recent pieces I've made.

This one uses an old brooch with lovely crystal stones and a length of vintage lace. The edges have a mixture of vintage and modern beads, including some gorgeous, french cut steel, 1920s ones and then the lace is wound with more beads. The necklace is finished with lengths of brick stitch weaving and fastened with a vintage mother of pearl button.

Gift Wrapped and Georgeous boutique

I'm very proud of this one, it's one of the few pieces that was properly planned, and as a result took much longer to make than usual! Took it apart several times. It mostly consists of brick stitch using modern Japanese beads and including some larger vintage beads. It was all worth it though, as it has been selected to go into a new book called 'Showcase 500 beaded jewellery' (probably spelled jewelry I expect, american book!) which is published in August. Absolutely amazed and excited about that.

Here's another one that took a long while to make, not because of actual making time but because I put it aside for ages because I couldn't decide how to make the necklace part. Finally finished it and I'm quite pleased. I haven't done one of these 'plate' style pieces for a while, lots of small pieces of glass surrounded by bead embroidery, rather than just one piece in a beaded mount. I think I should do more.

Currently working on a 3d piece, it will hopefully be a Little Owl made with beads and lace, taking a while to work out the right technique. I've made his eyes, quite pleased with them, but I can't get beyond the calico base at the moment, I think I've got a good shape now, just have to be brave and start working.

Here are the eyes, it's obviously going to be a long job! I just need to avoid kitsch or naffness, easy really.

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