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Wednesday 13 April 2011

Quick update

Very busy at the moment, other half is out there collecting census forms, boy is he gong to know his way around here when he's finished! For those more urban dwellers out there Ilfracombe is, as it's name suggests, a steep valley leading down to the sea, combe meaning valley, There isn't any part of the town that isn't up (or down depending where you start) a steep hill.

 Ilfracombe seen from the churchyard part way up the Slade valley, where we live.

Ilfracombe, seen from a headland just outside it on the Combe Martin Road

Of course it's quite sprawly too, so the area he covers has small farms and isolated cottages, there are obscure little alleyways, and cottages behind big hotels, making it impossible to find them without the help of a friendly postie. He's also collecting out in Lynton and Lynmouth. Now when you look at a map, if it doesn't have contour lines, they look as if they are right next door, in fact you might wonder why they are two separate places,

until you get there and find that 700 hundred foot cliff that actually separates them!

 This is Lynmouth Harbour, way up behind those trees is Lynton, accessed via an amazing water powered cliff railway, unless you want to be boring and drive!

Monday 4 April 2011

What would make you proud of your country?

A little rantette.

I don't know what anyone else thinks, I certainly have no idea what the politicians think, but here's what would make me proud:

Everyone having a safe and decent place to live.
Everyone able to feed themselves and their family healthy food.
Everyone getting a proper education.
Everyone feeling safe and respected no matter where they live, where they come from, what they believe or how old or young they are.
Everyone able to get whatever medical treatment they need.
(Nobody earning more money than anyone could possibly spend in several lifetimes).
Those are the things that would make me proud of my country, just my own opinion and I do mean everybody, no exceptions.
I think those are the things that we shoud be worrying about first, before anything else.
Come to that wouldn't those things make you proud of the world if we could get them for everyone?

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