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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My first commission

I was commissioned at the weekend to make two pendants as bridemaid's gifts for a wedding next month. I was thrilled to be asked and the customer was really nice and undemanding, I've read other people's experience of having argumentative and difficult people who keep changing their minds. Luckily my customer had seen something on my MISI shop that he liked and wanted two similar items. After the exchange of a couple of emails the decision was made and I was able to go ahead and make what he wanted. He has paid me, lovely, and I'm posting his pendants to him tomorrow
The criteria for this customer were, handmade and preferably in Devon, I've provided a little 'story' to go with the pendants explaining where seaglass comes from which was something he particularly wanted.

This is one of the pendants, the other is almost identical.
Obviously you don't get absolutely identical pieces of sea glass, by the way that's a good tip for telling the real thing from fake stuff produced in a tumble polisher, if someone's offering a lot of 'sea glass' jewellery that all looks exactly the same shape or size you can be a bit sceptical about the sea glass. You get a lot of similar shapes, after all glass breaks in certainw ways because of it's structure and the sea acts on it in similar ways, ask a scientist! I have found it very hard to match two pieces, for pairs of earrings for example, you have to be quite forgiving n your matching, nearly rather than exactly the same.

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