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Thursday, 13 May 2010

The joys of coastal living

After yesterday's stint in front of a computer today started a bit differently! We left home early to stop and get some stationery and post the earrings I sold on Tuesday (Hooray, on Folksy). We always allow plenty of time in case of parking problems and as we found a little space straight away ended up a bit early. So, since our route to work is along Combe Martin sea front, we stopped for a little stroll. The only other people on the beach were two small boys, up on the walkway that takes you to an old silver mine entrance at low tide. Flat calm, sea gulls floating inside the breakwater, the rocks looking as if they were floating too.

I found a couple of bits and pieces for my jewellery, I find more ceramic than glass on that beach, there must be a rubbish dump from years ago somewhere near it. My husband suggested I try beading round a pice of a large terracotta flowerpot, that would be a challenge wouldn't it!
What a nice start to a day. 

Most of these pictures are straight off the camera I hope they look ok, I usually have a little tinker with photoshop before I upload.

 Found this book on Amazon looks like it would be interesting. I didn't know they did individual areas from the air like this, I've seen the UK one and it's fascinating .

Here's a further stage in the development of my new lace piece, it's giving me pause at the moment, I may want to add some other stuff to the lace, bits of silk perhaps or some little bits of the leather I backed the stone with, don't know.

I've finally decided the giveaway on my storefront will be this little piece:

So get everyone over there becoming fans please! I need 100 before I can give it away.

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