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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Friends getting married

A nice couple I know, who both work in different parts of the library I work at,  got married on Saturday. They're mid 20s, the perfect age and have been sweethearts for 9 years or so, practically since they were children. I saw some photos posted on facebook today and they were lovely. I lent the bride my first attempt at a tiara, more of a posh alice band really, but it looked really pretty, adding a little extra sparkle to an already lovely bride. Foolishly I haven't any photographs of it yet. Here's a picture of the view from the hotel they married in.
Eat your heart out, I live here! Well just up the road a bit, but I pass this view on my way to work in the mornings when I work with my husband. This is Little and Great Hangman cliffs off Combe Martin. The hotel is called Sandy Cove. They couldn't have asked for better weather and they had the whole day there, ceremony and everything. It's lovely having young people start their new lives together, they are the second wedding among library staff this year, both couples have actually been sharing their lives together for a while and have recently decided to formalise their relationships, I'm pleased that this is something they have wanted to do. Both couples have said what a nice feeling it is,and the bride from the first wedding expressed surprise that she actually feels different, she hadn't expected to want marriage, as she has no intention of having children, but when asked, she agreed and is now really glad they did.
I'll have some pics of the bride and the tiara later.

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