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Saturday, 15 May 2010

10 minute holidays

As owners of a tourist attraction we don't get summer holidays, we go away in November or December. Don't run away with the idea we are in the Caribbean though, last year we were in Branscombe South Devon. It's a lovely little village, we had forgotten  that was where the Napoli broke up,

Link to the Wikipedia page about Branscome
The ships anchor, absolutely huge, is there as a memorial. Having seen the news reports, and now visited the village, it must have been horrendous! The village is very narrow and is all along one road spread for miles, with a tiny square where we rented a flat, and a couple of even smaller roads leading off.
As you can see the weather was brilliant, but it was December!
As you can imagine February, when the season starts officially,  to November is a VERY long time. We have had some time off earlier this year but as it involved funerals and very sad times for our family not really a restful time.
We take what little time outs we can, like the walk on the beach a couple of days ago or a quick visit to a cafe after the weekly shop or as this morning after the bank run for the week.
It's amazing how much relaxation you can squeeze into ten miutes if you have to. I'm lucky as I get Sundays off when it's term time but that means a whle week of housework, gardening and anything else crammed into one day.
This approach to relaxation could apply to anyone, if you're feeling stressed take 5 or 10 minutes out,  go somewhere quiet, a local park, your back garden, or just an empty room if you're at work, anywhere you can be quiet and preferably alone or with someone you don't have to talk to if you don't want to. Just stare at the landscape or the sky or an attractive plant, even a blank wall!  It will pick you up no end. I'm hoping this will help other people to deal with their stress. if not maybe a book will help you find your own way to deal with it.

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