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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bring Back Mastercrafts

There's a campaign running to try to persuade the BBC to commission a second series of the wonderful Mastercrafts. This was truly magical television, a real cut above the usual dross that seems to pass for entertainment these days, Visit the UK Handmade site: http://ukhandmade.co.uk/magazine/petition?destination=node%2F38
to sign the petition if you would like to see a second series. If you missed the first series you missed something really good. Watching people with real passion for their craft and skills that are almost lost to us, passing on their knowledge, watching people blossom and find their true vocation in life, frequently under quite trying personal circumstances, really inspiring and riveting viewing.
I am not really surprised, I suppose, that the decision has been made not to go ahead with a planned second series. There was no vicious infighting between the apprentices, in fact on several occasions they supported and assisted each other, all of them really wanted to win but all of them praised their competitors and admired their work. The three apprentices in each show were all really determined to succeed and all found strengths, and weaknesses, within themselves. A thoughtful and intelligent programme, too thoughtful and intelligent?

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