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Sunday, 28 March 2010

At last

here, at last, is a further stage in the devlopment of the Moon piece. I've now undone the right hand end 4 times! I was determined to actually add something new to it last night so stayed up much later than I should considering the clock change!

I decided that the lace looked wrong flat so I've wound a strand of beads around it. The strand is actually attached at the edge and a couple of points on the lace so it stays where I want it and doesn't just gather up at one end. I quite like it but I think there may be a lot more to come. I bought some more silver clay the other day with a voucher I got from Spoilt Rotten Beads. I have plans for little silver beads, or some such with lace patterns pressed into them. I shall probably have to have one of those trademark fringes along the bottom edge with the above beads on it.
Lots of primroses and primulas flowering in the garden and the first actual daffodil flowers, I believe we also have a few celandine growing on our steps, the steps are gravel, shallow wooden edged flat bits with gravel on rather than having a slope up to the door. Means that seeds take a good hold there most of the time!

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