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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A little further on with the Willow Pattern

Here's a couple of tiny steps forward, two rows of stitching on the largest piece of one of my planned sets using fragments of ceramic.

The two rows of beading consist of a 'lift row' of slightly larger beads, since the ceramic has a square edge and is reasonably thick, this row is necessary to get the beads up to a level where they begin to cover the edge of the piece and create a mount. This technique is really designed for cabochons, when the lift row is not needed. Both these rows are vintage beads, the blue beads come from a beaded collar in white, orange and blue, it was damaged so I felt justified in taking it apart. You can see the beads in the background above. the white beads may have come from a similar collar in all white beads but I have rather a lot of opaque white beads so I'm not certain these are the ones from the collar.

This is the collar, partly taken apart, seems a shame but it was already damaged.

Well that's all I've had time for yet, my life is a little complicated at the moment so I fit beading in where I can. Check back later for further developments

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