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Friday, 7 January 2011

Going back to some old designs, maybe.

For a recent, disastrous, craft fair, I unearthed some experiments that I made using polymer clay. They had been put away for a couple of years as I wasn't very happy with them. I re-strung them on ribbon rather than beads, which seemed to work well, and used a hand made T-bar clasp for one of them. I'm actually quite pleased with the results, I'd love some feedback as I think I might go back to making some of this stuff. Maybe make some beads?

This is probably my favourite piece, it's called carnival. There are layers of very thinly sliced canes and simple colours, mostly mixed with translucent clay so that they show through each other. It has a sterling silver wire bail, which is 'screwed' into the pendant by making zig zag bends in the wire and literally winding it into a hole in the pendant. This was the reason I hadn't tried to sell it as the original wire, baked into the pendant, had pulled loose. I think fitting it after the clay is baked works better in fact.

This one has needed a bit of polishing and refinishing as I think I actually over cooked it a bit, I rather like the slightly gothic look. I don't have a specific name, other than red and black heart, again it's layered slices on a red heart with a silver bail, this time just a simple loop.

This is a technique that simulates ivory. several alternating layers of white and translucent clay. The design is 'engraved' into the soft clay and then acrylic paint is rubbed into the design after baking. It has two small loops of silver wire in the top, and another at the bottom with a vintage silver heart suspended from it. The cord is hand woven from old silk thread using a medieval technique which takes FOREVER. I probably won't make any more of these cords, except for fun, as it's totally not viable to charge for the time!

This one is a large bead, about 3/4" across, using sliced canes again. The blue ribbon is quite long, probably about 30", to make a 'flapper' length pendant. The fastener is a T-bar style made from twisted silver wire, heated to fuse it and then hammered to flatten it a little

Anyway, let me know what you think, should I go back to making some of these? I'd quite like to experiment with some of the metallic powders and liquid clays that have appeared since I first started using it. I'd also like to get better at canework, although it's a bit too much planning for me, my working style is definitely organic, otherwise known as making it up as you go along!

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