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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I am fairly incensed today, visited Mothercare in Watford, they have a large edge of town store there. Inside are a couple of concessions, Early Learning fine, Clarkes Shoes also fine and a cosmetics studio! Complete with those canvas chairs you find in Boots where posh cosmetics companies do a makeover and try to sell you stuff you don't want for outrageous prices! What's wrong with these people, this is a shop for kids up to about 7, how can they possibly either want or need cosmetics. I have written to Mothercare about it, I know I've been living in Devon for the last 6 years but really! I thought we were finally getting a sensible backlash against the adult nature of kids lives these days. There are all these lovely educational toys, pretty pink little girl dresses, and a makeup stand! I'm really glad my grandchild is a boy! Stand up for a real childhood for your kids not a miniature version of an adult.

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