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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Thanks to all my friends

I've had a lot of support from friends recently,  my neighbour who recovered all my photos and other vital stuff from a corrupted external hard drive, thanks indeed Ross! I must learn to back up properly, but I know I'm not alone because I tried to get a photo I thought lost for ever, from Redbubble where I'd uploaded it, and found a whole thread of folks in the same boat bemoaning the loss of cherished work.  Found the photo in an obscure file in the end luckily as Redbubble don't allow you to re-load a photo from their site! Thanks to my work colleagues for their sympathy for a recent tragedy in my life, more because they've allowed me to just be normal and not dwell on it too much.
photo taken off the end of Ilfracombe sea wall  thought it looked like the end of the world with the mist shutting off the usual view of the horizon. Taken last March.

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