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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day in pictures

Went to the New Inn at Goodleigh for lunch with my local U3A, very nice lunch in a very pretty village.
Took this photo of a fuschia while waiting for my lift.

Lots of pictures for inspiration.

Tiny pink Fuschias and somefkind of wild flower, possibly related to garlic. 

After lunch wandered around St Gregory's Church, not sure how old it is but we found a gravestone dated in the 1780s

The Lytch Gate

Acorns and oak leaves on a column

gorgeous vaulted ceiling over the Chancel with a lovely window behind the altar.

The roof over the nave, with one of the angel carvings on each of the main beams.

A lovely old door, leading into the tower I think.

We stopped off at Marwood Gardens for tea on the way home, and to visit their plant sales place.

Took this picture while I waited for my friend to bring the car, bought too many plants!
Lovely copper leaves against that blue sky.

Then there was this beautiful Camellia.

Thanks to Helen for taking me and showing me Marwood Hill Gardens, somewhere I will definitely visit again once I'm mobile. Thanks to Fran for organising the lunch.

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