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Friday, 23 July 2010

Treasure from Trash

I've finally managed to make something that resembles a bracelet from the pair of old sugar tongs bought for £1.00 from my local market. It's not easy, especially as I don't really have any silversmithing tools, the tongs are not actually silver,they are some kind ofalloy, which I guess has brass or copper in it as it goes interesting rainbow colours when you heat it. As it has taken me so long to finish it's not polished yet, although I quite like the patination effect in places, there are some ugly marks I want to get rid of before I call it properly finished. Any way here it is for what it's worth.

Here are the original tongs, about 6" long and the spoon ends are about the size of small tea spoons.

This view shows the flattened spoon bowl.

This view shows some of the interesting colours that have developed on the metal, I need to decide wether to keep them or not, unfortunately some areas have actually turned black and not in a nice even way but in blobs and patches.

The other side.

I have a vague intention to make some kind of pendants from an old Tate & Lyle treacle tin, the sugar connection you know, and drill the bracelet to hang them from it, I'm not sure, or maybe just threaded on the narrow sections on rings so they move, may not do that at all, but I like the slightly steampunk look of the thing and I think that would enhance it. Well it's 20 past 11 on Friday so if I don't post now the deadline will have passed so that's that.

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