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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ponds Cold Cream Rip-off

Very, very unhappy with Unilever  who make Ponds Cold Cream. I've been a fairly regular user until now. I wasn't able to buy it last time I tried, shortly after La Minogue announced she would be switching from botox to using cold cream. Clearly the good people at Lever rubbed their hands and immediately began thinking of how to increase the price. Having run out of the Boots version I bought instead I was pleased to find Ponds back on the shelf. I was a little surprised to find it now in a box,but at the same price so I bought it, in something of a hurry. On opening said, celophane wrapped, box I found a minute jar with a very large lid, in a box with a carefully raised bottom, the jar contained around 1/4 that the old plastic one did at the same price I had last bought it for. OF course there's now a lot more packaging as well,very green Unilever.
 This is a rough idea of the difference between the two sizes of container. I haven't been able to find the pot I used to buy, I think it was the same size as the Boots one which is 200ml the new one is 50ml! The image is a bit exaggerated actually but you get the idea.
I can only hope that the celebrity interest fizzles out really quickly and leaves them with nobody, as I'm pretty sure most of their loyal old customers will feel the same way I do.
Boots will be getting my custom for future purchases of this cream unless they pull a similar despicable trick!!!!!!!!!

Well that's my vent over.

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