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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Further moves on the recycle front

I've made a start on the project, I've been amazed how much pulp I've ended up with from only a few brochures, maybe 1/2 dozen or so, so thanks to the lovely people at Beaford for the offer of another 75, but I only live in a tiny 2 up 2 down cottage!

Here are a couple of the containers I have in my kitchen, I promise the faces floated to the top of the right hand one without any interference from me, couldn't resist the photo.
As one of the events in the brochure is called Rabbit Faced Story Soup, I thought I should make a paper cast in an old rabbit shaped jelly mould that I happened to have in my kitchen cupboard.

I'm fairly sure there were more than one of these moulds once, possibly even three sizes. The pulp I've used for the rabbit is at a farly early stage and still very lumpy with big flecks of printed surface, it will be interesting to see if anything recognisable ends up on the outside, that might dictate how he gets finished.
I've been thinking about where this project is going, Beaford Arts is very involved in the communities where it takes the performances and has a policy of connecting artists withe the region. I've got a vague idea that my life and surroundings should come into the project somewhere. This morning while I was working on making the pulp finer I spotted a piece of kitchen paper I'd been draining raspberries on, and into the pulp it went.

I've made an experimental sheet of paper to see if it's working. I've sprinkled a few of the staples in between two layers of paper to see how that works.

Earlier today I was searching for thick square cut leather thonging, the only place that had any was Fred Aldous. I was really chuffed to find an old friend still in business, I had a Fred Aldous catalogue years ago before anyone had even thought of the internet, and there they are still trading, not only that but they sell Clothkits, how wonderful to find that they are still around too, I feel quite nostalgic. Anyone who was over 10 in the late 60s early 70s should remember Clothkits, they were and still are, a brilliant company selling screen printed kits for toys and clothes with real style. These days it's a real pleasure to find companies that have survived the times. Since we lost Woolworths I've been feeling that the whole world is wrong!  You know what they say about not missing things 'till they are gone......

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