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Thursday, 15 July 2010

At last the starch has arrived

Yesterday morning the packet of powdered starch I ordered finally arrived, it took quite a while to get here, which is annoying as I've had all this pulp hanging around waiting for it. It's doubly annoying as I discovered that I could buy liquid size from a papermaking site much more cheaply than I thought. Ah well you live and learn.
I found a really strange doll in a charity shop yesterday. I decided I needed a teenage doll, like Barbie or one of those, to use as a kind of mould to create limbs for my puppets. The only one I could find is really weird. She has mauve translucent arms with glitter in them, partly translucent legs and very mad hair. She looks extra strange, as she has obviously lost her original clothes and someone has given her a pair of pink knitted shorts! More strange yet, when I got to work after buying her, I was rummaging in my bag for something and discovered that bits of the doll light up! Her legs glow red and her torso blue. Seems you might give a child nightmares with such a strange being. There's a slot in her back where the electronic gubbins are for the lights so I think she might have had wings once. She's wearing really odd pink boots too.
Very strange, I think you'll agree.
A bit of research has turned up the fact that she is a Fairytopia Crystal Barbie apparently from some ghastly Barbie movie
Here's what she should be wearing, poor thing, I was right about those wings.
I think the knitted shorts are a much better look, and the pink kinky boots! unfortunately one of her feet has broken off inside the boot. It's a good thing I only want her for her body! ( she'll be a template for limbs made from wire mesh) Luckily I have other plans for the feet, those scary permanently tiptoe barbie feet don't really do it for me.
I may redress her when I've finished using her, I can see all sorts of slightly punk fairy outfits coming to pass here! And maybe a metal replacement foot?.....ooh yes all sorts of possibilities. Of course if you've fallen in love with this little fairy you can find her on amazon and buy one of your very own, see the search box above.

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