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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Arts Project

I've set myself a project, following my appraisal at work where I was asked what I was personally doing to improve the green credentials of Devon (2nd largest county in the UK!) I spotted a whole load of out of date brochures for a local arts company,


Beaford Arts,in the recycle bin. I've decided to do something with them, so I've torn them up and they are soaking in a bowl on the floor. I'll either make papier mache or even some hand made paper. I've kept one set of pages back and a few of my favourites twice. I'll add some extracts, individual words and bits of images on the surface of whatever I end up making. I notice, looking for the website to link to them, that the brochure is printed on recycled paper, I like the idea of endlessly recycling things, changing their use and appearance  each time and probably losing a tiny bit each time.

I'll probably pulp it tomorrow, I expect it will end up as paper, depends how I feel tomorrow, I've only really got one day to make paper, if that's what I decide to do, as I'm working part of every day next week. Oh yes and I'm going to a clothes swap party tomorrow afternoon. We'll see how it goes, no time for housework tomorrow!
PS I've kept the staples, or some of them, they came out still closed as I tore the brochures in half and picked them off the torn edges, maybe I'll add some to the paper too.

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