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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday 19th September Carnival day in Barnstaple

It's Barnstaple's annual carnival today. Great fun if you aren't trying to work! There''ll be fireworks tonight set off over the river taw so they reflect I'm sure it will be lovely but I'm glad I won't be there.
This is a picture of the Taw estuary taken one autumn recently.

I thought it was time I posted some images of my jewellery so here goes. I make the pieces by beading around bits of sea glass found on the local beaches.
I use vintage beads as much as possible although I have to use modern ones as well in order to have the right sizes and colours.

Above are examples of my work, Left is a pale blue fairly large piece on a silver wire torque. With lots of  mad beaded dangles ending in a variety of beads in glass and semi precious stones. The right hand piece uses a piece of redish brown glass from the neck of a bottle, which gives a slightly heart shape. It hangs from 3  twisted strings of beads and has an edging of japanese beads with a tiny red glass heart.Follow the link for some instructions from Kimberley Chapman . If you're really into beading there are loads of great sites about it and some really good books, most of whichyou can probably get from Amazon or someone similar.

For some more stuff about sea glass see my website www.vintagebeadery.co.uk

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