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Sunday, 6 September 2009


This is my first attempt at a blog. I'm an ancient jewellery designer living in devon. I make my jewellery using sea glass and ceramics washed up on the beaches of North Devon.
I also work part time in a local library and with my husband in his Brass Rubbing Centre within the Combe Martin wildlfe and dinosaur park a great place, full of mad animals you can get close to and noisy parrots. One of the parrots has learnt to whistle the theme from The Great Escape! Below you can see a rabbit happily feeding under a dinosaur taken at the end of the day when everyone had gone home.

Here's a picture of a piece of my jewellery I hope you'll want to see more. I have shops on MISI and Etsy I don't seem to be able to link to Etsy at the moment so if you can my shop is called vintage beader. I also have my own website; click on the photo to see it.

That's probably more than enough waffle for now. I'll try to update soon. Cheers everyone.

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