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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

what I've been doing

Life is a bit full on at the moment. I've been asked to create a range of jewellery based on vintage lace for a new craft gallery. I've got one piece finished already and another almost done. I've got loads of ideas buzzing around my head but no time to get on with them. I should have lots more time soon as from today there is no overtime at all at my part time job. Now if I could guarantee loads of sales of this jewellery then great but............
I don't have any photos yet as I'm keeping it under wraps until the launch. It will be a bit like this piece but without the moon face.

This is a section from a bracelet which is the first finished piece. I had to change it slightly to satisfy the gallery owner but it's looking good now I think.

I've just added some items with an autumnal feel to UK Handmade
check them out if you like I've got to start thinking along Christmas lines I suppose. I have a vague idea about ponytail bands, I've bought some, just have to do something with them now.

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