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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The recycling project moves on

I've made a few beginnings on the Beaford Arts recycling project. I've spent some time thinking about what should be included, the centre is about performng arts, and about outreach and bringing arts and community together. I started thinking just about a book, and I think there will will be one. I've begun to make some puppet figures, so far only the heads, I'm planning to represent a performance space and have some puppets that can move by some mechanical means. The movement wont be very sophisticated, probably a crank that turns to make them 'dance' a bit.

The heads are just faces because I'm making them with paper casting, I think they may stay that way, my thinking is connected to the ephemeral and artificial nature of a performance, putting on a mask or alter ego to perform whether as an actor or a more direct performer like a musician. I've always liked the Quay Brothers so an element of that wierdness might creep in.
I have a roll of copper mesh and I think the bodies may be formed from that, probably with more paper attached.
The rabbit has not been an unqualified success, it was really difficult to remove from the mould and I had to repair a couple of bits.

You can see there are a few cracks still, I'm not sure how to repair the outer surface, where it's whole and well moulded it has a wonderful silky smoothness which would be lost if I repair the outside with extra pulp, unless I can somehow put it back into the mould to redry. It took about 4 days to dry enough to take out the first time, and that includes 2 1/2 hour sessions in the oven and sitting it on a radiator at night and in the morning when we have one on in the bathroom.
I intend to give it a 'performance' element by applying a story to the rabbit's surface and some kind of noise creating thing inside. I'd like to have an electronic 'voice' inside the rabbit but it's proving very difficult to find one exccept on import sites that want you to buy 1,000 units! By the way does a rabbit make a noise?

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