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Thursday, 3 June 2010

The box and some wonderful sunlit flowers

Here are some pictures of my lovely box. It needs a lining inside the lid to finish it completely

Jay's website
    The pieces of wood are the supports for the lid when it's a display box.
The photos aren't very good I'll have to take some proper ones in a properly lit space. I think its wonderful. I may line the compartments with felt as well.

I came home from work today to be greeted by this beautiful poppy, just opened and perfect.

By tomorrow it will be wide open and blowsy, We have a lot of trouble with these, quite a few of the buds never open and just shrivel up for some reason, if anyone knows why that happens let me know. The other plant is more prone than this one.
These buttercups are further up the garden among some herbs and wild strawberries.

I'm something of a haphazard gardener, for one thing I have no time and for another I haven't a clue what I'm doing. This is the front garden which does at least resemble a garden slightly!

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