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Saturday, 8 May 2010


 I read on someone else's blog that Saturday is a day for not doing much, or something like that, unfortunately I was at work today, a fairly busy day at the library  becuase the weather was so awful. I suppose most places it's the same but I think perhaps being in a seaside area makes the weather more of a factor. I'm working away on that coffee lace piece, at the moment my head is full of  ideas and not enough time to put them into practise. Frustrating, I'm sure I'm not the only one, we all have comitments in our lives, whether it's family or work or whatever.
One of my other strings, something else to keepme busy, is illustration. My husband is a writer and is currently updating a little book of nonsense poems we published a few years ago, I've done some black and white pictures to illustrate the poems and designed the original cover, I've done a few more pics for this new version and I must get on and do the new cover!

Here's a couple of the illustrations:

The speech  balloon has something in it on the page!

Link to my husband's writing
Hopefully these pictures give you some idea of how mad the writing is!

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