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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

New piece in progress

I've started work on a new piece that I've had in mind for ages. I made a little pendant a while ago using a piece of rock crystal with a little painted heart under it. The pendant sold on MISI and I rather liked the effect.

I've had a disc of crystal for a while, I bought it from a local gemstone stall and it came from a chakra set. I've tried a couple of different approaches with it, going for an open mount with no backing but I didn't like it. I finally produced a drawing I was really pleased with. I wanted a moon face, which is difficult to get across without being too obvious and unoriginal.
The double face effect happened almost by accident but I think it was meant to be. this is the drawing attached to the background before beginning to work.

Here's the crystal on top of the drawing. Usually I would glue the stone to the background, but because the disc is not flat I haven't been able to do that. It makes working on it quite tricky but not impossible.

Here's the moon with it's finished mount. There's a lift row of old crystal bicone beads and a row of slightly uneven silver coloured seed beads. Because the lift row beads are not spherical gaps appeared between each bead, to fill these gaps Ive attached  small ab crystal tube beads which lie all at the same angle against the bicone beads. After gluing the backing to white leather there's a finishing row of old opalescent white seed beads.
I now need to make it into an actual piece of jewellery. I think it will be somewhat similar to this one: Moonlit Water necklace although  I've been inspired by Tom Binns use of lace in the Vogue article about his work and I have a fairly large collection of lace trimmings................... watch this space!

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